Toaster oven loveliness

Anything that makes cleaning easier, even a very small thing, makes me happy.

After my husband spilled a gooey mess across the bottom of our toaster oven whilst making a very saucy chicken dish, he pulled out the crumb and mess catcher that fully covers the bottom of our oven - a detail I find beautiful - to clean it. Well, he kind of cleaned it. He rinsed it off then left it in the sink. Meanwhile, the toaster oven was used a few times and crumbs collected along the bottom. 

Great, I thought. Now we get to painstakingly try to gather and grab all those crumbs out of the bottom of the oven. But no! We didn't have to go that route because the slot along the front the crumb catcher slides through provided a convenient opening through which all the crumbs could be brushed out. It's a small detail, yes, but it matters.

Right below the brand name of the toaster is the open space. Love it.