I live my dream as a writer, as a creative being, each day as best I can. I don't earn a living as a writer - yet - but that doesn't keep me from believing that I am a writer today. I introduce myself as a writer when people ask me what I do. This proclamation of my creativity boosts my confidence and belief in my dream each time I speak it. I tell people about the book I wrote and the short stories I'm developing and whatever else I'm focusing on creatively at the time. I may not be a paid writer - yet - but I am a writer. 

Living my dream keeps me awake to my life. I encourage you along the same path. Whatever your dream, please do what you can to be the creative being you are. Creativity comes in all forms too - not just the arts. Wherever your passion lays, pursue it: as a hobby, as an interest, as something that is fun and fulfilling to you. You deserve the happiness it will bring you.